Harvest Time International Christian University believe that anyone who wishes to study the word of God and the things pertaining to theology ought t be able to do so without going into debt. Therefore, we are committed to keeping our tuition cost at an affordable rate. We also have a payment plan in place for students who are unable to pay tuition in full. At HTICU our main objective is to provide a quality Theological education at a fraction of the cost. Below are the degrees that we currently offer and the cost. If you have any questions please contact us.

God bless you and happy learning. 

Fees and Tuitions are subject to change at any time without any prior notice.



AA degree $ 2775.00 (12 Months)
BA degree $ 5550.00 (18 Months)
MA degree $ 9375.00 (24 Months)
DD/Th.D $ 12,645.00 (36 Months)
Ph.D $ 14,250.00 (48 Months)
*Books are included in the fee


92.50 per credit hour
92.50 per credit hour
112.00 per credit hour
140.50 per credit hour
162.50 per credit hour